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Danube Delta Greatest Birdwatching Paradise

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Danube Delta

The Danube Delta, Birdwatching Paradise or twitchers paradise. One of Europe’s last wildernesses, it surely doesn’t need an introduction. A rich wildlife spot (surpassed only by the Great Barrier Reef and Galapagos Islands), some 5,500 species of flora and fauna call the Danube Delta home. It so happens that this almost forgotten place, buzzing and roaring with wildlife, may just be a little piece of paradise. Both quiet and trilling with birdsong at the same time, it is but a gate to self-reflection and connection with nature. So go ahead and swap the traffic jams with a serene boat ride, attend an early morning meeting with the pelicans and ditch the fast, to-go lunch for a hearty fisherman’s meal. We invite you to relax.

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About "Danube Delta"

Delta Dunarii, in imensitatea ei natural-socio-culturala ne deschide noi orizonturi si locatii speciale de care sa ne bucuram..bla bla..

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  • Day 1

    Arrive in Romania

    You will be picked up from the airport based on your flight details. Meet your guides and have a brief of the itinerary before a nice stroll in the old town.

    Are included:
    • Airport Transfers
    • Accommodation in the center of Bucharest
    You can add:
    • Bucharest walking tour
  • Day 2

    Travel to Crisan, the fisherman's village

    Early transfer to Tulcea - the gate of the Danube Delta. Take the Catamaran to the village.

    Are included:
    • Accommodation with Breakfast
    • Boat transfer to Crisan
    You can add:
    • Dinner at local fisherman
    • Evening stroll in the village
  • Day 3

    Free day in Crisan

    The fisherman's village stretches along the riverbed and you can explore at your own pace and interact with the locals. Bird watching trips and boat excursions are very popular in this area so your guide will make all the necessary arrangements.

    Are included:
    • Accommodation with Breakfast
    You can add:
    • Bird Watching Excursion
  • Day 4

    Travel to Sfantu Gheorghe via Sulina

    Hop on a small transfer boat towards the famous village of Sfantu Gheorghe. Make a stop in Sulina, the only town in the Delta and the former headquarters of the European Danube River administration.

    Are included:
    • Accomodation with Breakfast
    • Boat transfer to Sf Gheorghe
    You can add:
    • Wild beach stroll in Sf Gheorghe
  • Day 5

    Day in Sfantu Gheorghe

    Start the day very early with a trip to the Sacalin Island where the biggest Pelican colony in Europe thrive. Take a walk on the wild beach in the afternoon or book a Spa Session at the hotel.

    Are included:
    • Accommodation and breakfast
    • Pelican trip
    You can add:
    • Beach walk
    • SPA session in the hotel complex
  • Day 6

    Explore Sfantu Gheorghe and the surroundings

    You can visit the two famous oak forests in the area. Your guide will arrange everything if you're willing to join this extra trips. In the evening there's a sunset boat trip and a picnic on the lakes so make sure you don't miss it as it's an amazing experience.

    Are included:
    • Accommodation with Breakfast
    You can add:
    • Letea Forest Trip
    • Caraorman Forest Trip
    • Sunset picnic boat trip
  • Day 7

    Travel Back to Bucharest

    Early transfer by boat to Tulcea and back to Bucharest

    Are included:
    • Accommodation with breakfast
    • Boat transfer
    • Transfer to Bucharest
    You can add:
    • Bucharest walking tour
  • Day 8

    Transfer to the airport

    We organise your transfers based on the information you provide so make sure you double check everything with your guide a day before.

    Are included:
    • Aiport Transfers
    You can add:
    • Bucharest walking tour

Event details Danube Delta Greatest Birdwatching Paradise

  • Transfers

    From the heart of the city to remote villages, all transfers will be taken care of by us, so you don't have to worry about a thing. Let's go!

  • Accommodation

    With old houses with thatch roofs, the resort is reminiscent of a typical fisherman’s village. The right balance between the old and the new.

  • Guides

    Our team will be with you from start to finish. We'll make sure everything is ticking over and will happily take care of any request or issue.

  • Packages

    There are multiple options to choose from for your team’s package. You will have full control over what and how much you wish to add.

  • Customization

    The itinerary is fully customizable and we can add or remove elements as needed. The team will assist with any requests and will adjust accordingly.

  • Cuisine

    Throughout the trip, you can expect great traditional food, with locally sourced ingredients, and prepared with love by the locals.

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About FAQ Danube Delta Greatest Birdwatching Paradise

  • What is the minimum/maximum number of people that can join a trip?

    The limits range between 2 and 20 people, as the group size is restricted by the remote locations and activities. However, if your group is larger, please contact us at and we will find an appropriate solution for your group.

  • How much can we customize the itinerary?

    100%. Our base packages can be modified as needed in order to fulfill your group

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