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Who are We?

Our Team

Over the years, we travelled far and wide across the lands of Romania, from the wild beaches of the Delta, all the way to the forgotten villages of Maramures. Our path was crossed by kind people, traditions that stood still in time and locations we struggled to leave behind.

Our shared wanderlust and desire to share these wonderful places with you, thus, gave birth to Explore Transylvania concept. We’re thinking things a bit differently combining wildlife, nature and outdoor trips with cultural/ historical incursion in the rich Romanian history. We will offer our full expertise, incredible locations and a 100% hands-on assistance; all that’s left for you to do is to dream away and enjoy this unique experience.


Tour Planner & Guide

Dragos is our own “Yes man!” Passionate about event planning and thinking up unique trips, he will turn your dream trip into reality. All with a big smile.


Tour Planner & Guide

Nothing is left up to chance with Marius. With an eye on every bubbling pot, he’ll deliver trips to the tiniest detail, and nothing will be too much to handle.


Tour Leader and Guide   

Elena has accumulated years of  experience in the field and  she’ll make sure every trip is an unforgettable experience for everyone.   

Experience and

We have gained over ten years of experience in the hospitality and events management sector. We live for the challenge and will work tirelessly to make sure you will get your dream trips.

A sustainable

We are firm believers in humans and nature co-existing in harmony. As such, we source local produce, support the communities, and promote traditions and locations dear to our heart.


Throughout the years we’ve encountered lots of wonderful places. A few of them, however, truly captured our hearts. From remote castles to flowery meadows or wild beaches, we want to show them all.